Heavy-duty clutch parts are developed, produced, tested and checked in-house at our manufacturing facility in Holland. These processes adhere to the highest European quality standards and are ISO 9001 certified by TüV Netherlands.

Our production process is characterized mainly by production of new clutch parts, with a focus on quality and efficiency in combination with the highest level of flexibility.

Production Process

The development process starts with the design of components that will be used later to produce the complete clutch parts. This is the responsibility of our Quality and Development team. This step is followed by a strict evaluation and selection of potential component suppliers by our team.

Assembly of the components into BEWEKO’s final products like clutch covers and discs takes place in our own production facility. However, before finding their way to our warehouse or customers, our heavy duty clutches are submitted to a final quality check and testing by our senior quality control staff.

Our Customer complaint monitoring system logs and tracks all (potential) quality problems in order to report, analyze and correct them and continuously improve our products and processes.